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Eagle® Owner's Manuals available online for viewing, printing and downloading.
Eagle® Product Catalog in full-color, high-quality Adobe® PDF format for viewing and download.
Product Software Updates
Get the latest features for your Eagle® products with these free product updates.
Product Emulators
Test an Eagle product from home on your PC with a product emulator that virtually simulates the real units.
GPS Data Manager (GDM)
Waypoint and route planning software that allows you to download and upload information between your unit and a PC. For use with the FishElite®, FishStrike®, IntelliMap®, SeaChamp® and SeaCharter®.
Sonar Log Viewer (SLV)
A highly customizable PC-based software application that plays back any sonar log file recorded with a FishElite®, FishStrike®, SeaChamp® or SeaCharter® product.
Drivers and Firmware
MMC/SD Card Reader Drivers for use with Windows 98. Note: If your computer is running Windows ME/2000/XP, a plug-and-play driver for an MMC card reader is already installed on your computer.
Other Software
Find other software downloads for Eagle products.

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