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NauticPath™ International Marine Electronic Charts

Enjoy the highest level of offshore/coastal navigational detail and information pre-loaded on a digital charts card, with plug-&-play convenience. NauticPath™ International provides electronic charts covering the Caribbean, West Central America, South America, Europe West, Europe North, Mediterranean, Africa/Middle East/India, Southeast Asia/Pacific Islands, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan/East Asia!

 NauticPath™ International Features

  • Highest level of accuracy
  • Depth contours, intertidal zones, and spot soundings
  • Nav aids with view range and coverage
  • Extensive object-oriented detail including lights, tides and currents, wrecks & obstructions, port plans, restricted areas, and anchorage database
  • Chart information including name, number, scale and more
Caribbean NP-Caribbean
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West Central America NP-Central America/West
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South America NP-South America
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Europe NP-Europe West
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NP-Europe North
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Mediterranean NP-Mediterranean
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Africa NP-Africa/MiddleEast/India
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Pacific NP-SEAsia/PacificIsland
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Australia NP-Australia/NewZealand
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Asia NP-Japan/East Asia
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 NauticPath™ International screenshots:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

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Example 4

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Example 6

NauticPath™ International Marine Electronic Charts are compatible with the FishElite® 480, FishElite® 500C, FishElite® 502C iGPS, FishElite® 640C, FishElite® 642C iGPS, FishStrike® 1000C, FishStrike® 2000C, IntelliMap® 500C, IntelliMap® 502C iGPS, IntelliMap® 640C, IntelliMap® 642C iGPS, SeaChamp® 1000C, SeaChamp® 2000C, SeaCharter® 480 DF, SeaCharter® 500C DF, SeaCharter® 502C DF iGPS, SeaCharter® 640C DF, and SeaCharter® 642C DF iGPS. Products may, however, require a free software upgrade.